Webinar: The impact of Ayush on Corona

During the Covid period, a free consultation is being provided to the patients and the general public by the team of doctors in the Mewat district on behalf of the Donate-n-Hour (DoaR) organization.
Under this arrangement, a webinar was organized on 30th May and the topic of how to reach AYUSH facilities to Mewat was discussed.

Dr. Wasim-ur-Rehman (BUMS, MD), from Indian Revenue Services (IRS), was invited on behalf of the Dor organization to discuss this topic. Dr. Wasim, in his today’s address, stressed adopting all the guidelines issued by the Ministry of AYUSH so that the maximum benefit of them can be passed on to the people of Mewat. Along with this, people were also advised not to take medicines without consulting in diseases like Corona.

Dr. Ashraf suggested a webinar on the guidelines of AYUSH with the doctors of AYUSH working in the district. In the webinar, special light was laid on the Unani system of medicine.
20 social workers from Mewat district participated in the webinar, prominent among them advocate Ramzan Choudhary, Ashraf Hussain, and Dr. Ashraf Alam.

To ensure that the service of AYUSH reaches the residents of Mewat smoothly, a helpline number has also been issued by the organization, through which the patient or his family can get treatment sitting at home through teleconsultation with AYUSH doctors in the village.

The webinar was conducted by DoaR volunteers Meenakshi, Amit Parmar, and Ajay Yadav.

The webinar was covered in the Hindi Daily Amar Ujala on 04 June 2021.