We offer a variety of help to Corona patients and our students

Doctor's Consultation
Daily consultation and followup to the Covid patients under home isolation. Screening & consultation directly to the villagers to cure disease in it's initial stage.
Awareness & Capacity Building

Spreading awareness among village representatives about Corona and its preventive measures. Also, capacity building to empower the local health system to help villagers.

Medical Equipments

The types of equipment were donated to Nuh Medical authority such as Oximeter and Oxygen Concentrator.

Studnet Support
Explorer Academy provided residential facility to senior students. The facility is available since 2020 May. Currently 18 students are staying in the facility and taking regular classes.
Online Classes

Android mobile, tablets & dongle donated to the students to continue their classes during the pandemic. More volunteers & child psychologists were deployed to give personal attention to the students taking remote classes.

Livelihood Support

A pool was created to provide financial support to the parents of our students at various levels.  Supporting families to stay back in urban areas so that they can support the studies of their kids.

75 Villages

Awareness Program

200 Cases

Medical Consultation



12 Doctors


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