Corporate Engagements

Think big, act big to make an impact

Long Term enagement

Supporting long term to deliver the change

Support the Vision of DoaR by supporting the projects bringing sustainable change in the condition of the underprivileged.

This place is for you if you are a Corporate Social Responsibility manager, team manager or owner of the business as your motto would be to engage company’s talent towards a productive culture of success that means sharing the best that you have- time and knowledge. Donate an Hour’s motto is also the same- “share your time and knowledge to shape lives”.

Support the Future ready Students

Explorer Academy is helping 50 children from economically weaker section of society. DoaR is is providing residential facility for all the students.

Support the hostel facilties and the academy.

Contact us to discuss the details.

Support Women

 Sponsor the solar street lights that will be instaled in the remote villages to improve security and empowering women to walk freely after dark.

Start with as little as 10 street lights to support the population of 5000.

Contact us to discuss the details.


Empower Society

The Primary Health Care centres have interrupted supply of electricity where daily 50+ deliveries in a month managed by the staff nurse and doctors. Donation of Solar Panel will make the operations of PHCs more effective.A panel of 7KW will be required for the functioning of the equipments at PHCs.

Contact us to discuss the details.


DoaR is the official partner of Nuh Medical authority. You can partner with DoaR to support the administration during the Pandemic. Also, for the improvement of the healthcare centres and the healthcare workers to improve the efficiency.


Contact us to discuss the details.

Employee Enagement

Activities to enagage with the cause

Do more than you ever thought possible.Have more impact than you ever imagined.