DoaR campus

Ecofriendly self-sustainable environment for the holistic growth of the students


DoaR campus is an eco-friendly space to provide the opportunity for the holistic growth of underprivileged students. It is operational from May 2022. It is offering world-class educational opportunities near Gurugram.


Students from class 4th -12th get the opportunity to follow CBSE based curriculum.


Mentors across globe take regular classes.

Advance classes & materials

Students get opportunity to follow the courses apart from their regular class curriculum.

Campus Life

Self- Sustainable

The campus is built to follow the principle of 3R- reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Experiential Learning Space

We are working with the professionals across the globe to give the exposure of the upcoming technology.

Fulltime Mentors

The faculty is made up of  highly qualified persons who have worked in various spheres. It includes engineers, doctors, ex- govt officers accountants, management graduates and a host of other professionals who have had a strong experience of working in their field and are now teachers by passion. A group of committed individuals; most of the teachers are full-time volunteers dedicating themselves to work for the holistic growth of every child.


With innovative digital technologies and the new science of learning redefining the paradigm of teaching and learning in unimaginable ways, the curriculum and pedagogical practices ought to be flexible and future-ready, with inquiry-based learning and personalised instruction as the key pillars. This is what has inspired us to conceptualise a new world-class, technology-integrated campus that will set new standards of education; the work on our new campus project is progressing well.

Latest Technology


The students from class 6th start learning coding. 

Class 8th has learning curriculum which includes Python and Java.

Remain relevant

Foreign Language

Foreign language classes conducted for the selected students. The mentors from their native countries take the classes.

Peer groups

Challenge groups

DoaR volunteers are aligned with the students to strengthen  their week areas.