A workshop on career choice in Armed Forces


Feb 18, 2017 , Gurgaon

Capt. Gaurav Tripathi from Indian Army volunteered again to donate time while he was on vacation.  This time around we asked him to visit our other centres to deliver the presentation so he managed to deliver at two places in Gurgaon- Sector 45 and at sector -48.

All the children at sector 45 who attended his presentation last year were excited to listen him again. Many teenagers came forward this time around and openly expressed their wish to join armed forces as a carrier.

But the most important thing was the presentation by Capt. Gaurav developed a belief among about importance of their  life and how to make it more meaningful by serving others like armed forces do.

Not only children but also the volunteers also got a new perspective about nation and it’s pride.

At both the places, parents were also invited as they must support their children choices so it was important for them to understand what were all preparations required if their children wanted to make carrier in armed forces.

At sector 45, a gathering of 100+ including children and parents attended the event.

At sector 48, a gathering of 80+ which includes children and parents actively attended the presentation. Also a huge crowd of onlookers attended the presentation from the road.


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