While it is business as usual in NCR region, hustled 90 minutes away from Gurgaon, residents of Nuh (Formerly Mewat) district in Haryana are working hard to reclaim their livelihood and respect.


45 solar street lights installed in the Nuh district, Haryana. It is directly benefiting 85000 villagers.

Managing garbage management and compost making in Khedla village ( Nuh District) benefiting approximately 8000 villagers.


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Solar Street Light project


Cleaning & Garbage management

Plantation with villagers to convert garbage dumping ground into a green space
  • A population of 2000 in the village Kherla ( Nuh district) is struggling to get the clean environment for the residents. DoaR volunteers are working on the following areas since April 2018 -
  • A facility for door to door collection of garbage
  • Daily cleaning of streets
  • Weekly cleaning of drainage by removing sludge
  • Recycling the organic waste
  • Educating the shopkeepers on keeping dustbin outside their shops
  • Educating villagers on the harmful effects of plastic burning


While it is business as usual in NCR region, hustled 90 minutes away from Gurgaon, residents of Nuh (Formerly Mewat) district in Haryana are working hard to reclaim their livelihood and respect.

With a population of over 1 Million, Nuh is one of the 22 districts in the state of Haryana. The district is grappling with immense debt. So while the primary occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry, they are often forced to sell goods and services at lower costs which adversely hits the overall income. What the district can really use at this juncture is a revival of their numerous natural attractions to generate employment opportunities within the villages. With this in mind, the need of the hour is to recognize the potential of this district, educate the locals on various possibilities and help build a tourism model involving the inhabitants.


How it was started

In 2017, when the Donate an Hour team visited this district for the first time for conducting smart classes, they were dumbfounded by the beauty of the area and the potential of this place to become a popular tourist spot. Not the one to give up and someone who has always been driven about building upon a prospective idea, Team DoaR, quickly began talks with the authorities and got the consent of locals to start work on the initiative to rebuild the area.


Cleanup the villages to create better-living conditions for locals in the high-crime districts

Promote tourism and local craft to generate employment opportunities

Smart classes managed by volunteers to provide quality education to local students

Employment Generation

Phase-1: Cleanliness and Painting

Inspired by the rainbow villages of Indonesia and Santorini of Greece, volunteers at ‘Donate an Hour’ encouraged villagers to paint the village.

Kherla is first among the many villages across Mewat that will be transformed into tourist attractions. The village was selected as it connected with the highway, and is a 90 minute drive from Delhi, and an hour from Gurgaon. Work started on December 20 and is set to get completed by January 26, when it will be inaugurated. Of the 500 houses in the village, 20 have been painted.

Right off the highway falls the Kherla village in the district. Kherla village is the first village in Nuh district to get transformed.

Duration of the first phase - Dec 20, 2017- Jan 26, 2018

Phase-2: Employment by Tourism

An employment opportunity will be generated by inviting tourists from Delhi NCRfor visiting the village along with historical places in this area. Local children and adults will be trained to become tour guides before the tours are launched.

The tour will be an informative session with local tour guides where they will explain the history and lifestyle of the village. Various activities will be conducted as follows (subject to finalization of tour packages):

  • A guided tour of the Rangeela Kherla ( i.e. area demonstrating the painted walls)
  • Visit of the local attractions mentioned above which will include shows, adventure activities such as hiking, local food, song and dance and so on.
  • Face painting for children, goat and cycle tour of village, pottery and games
  • Fresh lunch made by locals using organic vegetables.
  • Camps for tourists to relax and enjoy the nature.
  • Local handicrafts and art to be sold across the village and en route to these attractions.
  • Various other indoor and outdoor activities.

Started on Feb 17, 2018

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