We Find & Evaluate

We select children from across the DoaR centres on the recommendation of volunteers and after further assessment and evaluation.


We Provide A Platform

We work with a range of professionals who imbue the classes with their own practical expertise. The Academy supports the studies of the selected children until 12th std.

We Mentor & Support

We provide advice, guidance and help to the students and their families. The Academy provides full-day educational programmes so that children are able to remain focused towards their growth.

We Create A Learning Culture

We have a holistic approach to child development, and have created a learning culture which encourages students to inquire, explore, create, problem solve, evaluate and think beyond earning after learning.

We Strengthen

We start with the students’ strengths, build confidence, encourage innate talent and motivate students to remain interested in their studies.  Specialist teachers are appointed to work with students on their weak areas.

We Educate

We follow the CBSE syllabus and work on both the concepts and the content.  As students become ready, they are enrolled in an international school, with ongoing educational support from the Academy.

Giving Students Cognitive Choices


Class Scrum
Audio Visual Presentation
Group Discussion
Internet/outdoor study
Project Report
Traditional Study
Weekly Self Assessment
Guest lectures
Meditation and Yoga
Library Session
Physical Activities

STUDENTS IN 2019-2020

The first screening is due in Feb 2019 and the final list of the selected students will be published in April 2019

STUDENTS IN 2018-2019

Most of them were out of education system but they got space here due to their positive attitude for learning

Vedika, class 5th

Eldest daughter of a bike mechanic, wants to study hard and be the breadwinner for her family. She is very hard working and bright girl but unfortunately left behind and now wants to win all back

Kajal, class 5th

Her father is an auto driver, last year she lost her home and lost more than a year of her classes. A sharp mind, wants to fight all the inequalities and build a bright future to support her family.

Rashmi, class 5th

Daughter of a household help and construction worker, wants to be a police officer and help people. She is 3rd in 4 brothers and sisters and wants to study hard to support her family.

Hemant, class 5th

2nd son of a small time contractor, wants to be an engineer. A tenacious kid whose education journey has been fractured so far but willing to make up for all the lost months and years.

Radha, class 5th

2nd daughter of a gardner dreams to be a doctor one day. She is very inquisitive kid and a good football player. She does not know the meaning of defeat and ready to work relentlessly.

Bharti, class 5th

Daughter of construction worker became mother of her two sisters at age of 10. She may not be the smartest mind of the group but she is tenacious, a tortoise of “The Rabbit and The Tortoise”.

Abhay, class 5th

2nd child of a gardener wants to be an army officer and server his country. He is very smart and sharp in maths. A street smart mind shows huge potential to be an entrepreneur. He also does not forget to show off his skills



Background: Passionate about education, Divya Prakash is the brain behind Academy. He has 15 years of experience in IT industry and has served in various esteemed organizations like Vodafone, British Telecom and Tech Mahindra. In his last assignment, he served as IT Head - Vodafone. After spending 5 years in UK, Divya Prakash decided to come back to India to work on ground with underprivileged.

Methodology: His style of teaching is not  limited by hours spent in the classrooms and finishing the chapters but he starts with the concepts and gives time to students to see the relevance of the topic in their day to day life or encourages students to use internet to visualize in their minds.


Professionals believe in progressive ways of teaching can contact us

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