21 new students admitted this year in various classes.

10 Students admitted in class 4th

9 Students admitted in class 5th

3 Students admitted in class 6th

Total of 29 students in the academic session.


Activities in Dec 2019

  • An educational trip to Jaipur on 24, 25 Dec. All famous historical monuments including the night view of Hawa Mahal and Albert Hall museum was also enjoyed by the students.
  • An educational trip to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, near Gurugram was arranged on 8th Dec
  • Special classes for HTML were conducted for grade 4th. Class 5th and 6th continued as usual.
  • Special classes on weekends were also conducted from art and culture.

Pictures from the Jaipur Trip

Picture from Bird Sanctuary trip



Activities in Sept- Nov 2019

  • HTML Training started in Nov
  • Chess Coaching started in Nov
  • Brain Gym for all age groups started in Oct
  • Reasoning classes started conducting on every Sunday for class 5th and class 6th


Activities in Aug 2019

  • A senior officer from Garter visited 3 Saturdays in the month of Aug and taught basic lessons of guitar.
  • Students of class 6th started sharing the best practices with other students. These are the practices which worked for them when they struggled in studies.
  • Special classes on weekends on the following topics-
    1. Magnet Mania
    2. Special drawing class
    3. Google Earth
    4. Manufacturing of Lamborghini


Activities in July 2019

  • After summer break session started with the induction of 2 new students in the class 5th
  • Holiday homework was checked by their respective subject teachers
  • In their special classes on Saturday and Sunday for class 5th and 6th, students have started working on how to grow vegetables using hydroponics



Activities in April and May 2019

  • Automation ideas are developed under the guidance of Yashasvi
  • New batch settled down in their respective classes
  • May witnessed the student election in the academy
  • Students got their holiday homework before leaving
  • The parent-teacher meeting followed by the celebration before the summer holiday

The summer holiday kicked off from May 25th and the session will resume on July 1st 2019.

Activities in March 2019

Teacher's training was conducted before the start of the new session of EA. The 2-day session was conducted by Kati Cysarek .She is a German national managing and running a school and a hostel for street kids. In her recent visit to Delhi, she graciously accepted our invitation to conduct a 2 days Teacher's Training program.