Final Exam Result of Class 5th ( 2018-2019) 

Abhay 82.91 A2
Vedika 79.58 B1
Radha 79.5 B1
Rashmi 79.3 B1
Bharti 77.5 B1
Hemant 69.41 B2


Daughter of a household help and construction worker, wants to be a police officer and help people. She is 3rd in 4 brothers and sisters and wants to study hard to support her family.

Positive areas : Dance and art and craft

Needs improvement in Maths and Science



2nd son of a small time contractor, wants to be an engineer. A tenacious kid whose education journey has been fractured so far but willing to make up for all the lost months and years.

Positive areas : Proactive in taking the resposibility and act immediatly

Needs improvement in Maths & English


Her father is an auto driver, last year she lost her home and lost more than a year of her classes. A sharp mind, wants to fight all the inequalities and build a bright future to support her family.

Performance in class 5th: didn't appear in the examination

Positive areas: Very confident outside the class

Needs to learn to take studies seriously


2nd child of a gardener wants to be an army officer and server his country. He is very smart and sharp in maths. A street smart mind shows huge potential to be an entrepreneur. He also does not forget to show off his skills

Positive areas : Street smart kid who saves himself from trouble

Needs improvement in English


Daughter of construction worker became mother of her two sisters at age of 10. She may not be the smartest mind of the group but she is tenacious, a tortoise of “The Rabbit and The Tortoise”.

Positive areas: Publc speaking and presentation skills are better

Needs improvement in Maths



Eldest daughter of a bike mechanic, wants to study hard and be the breadwinner for her family. She is very hard working and bright girl but unfortunately left behind and now wants to win all back

Positive areas : consistant performance and patience

Needs improvement in physical activities


2nd daughter of a gardner dreams to be a doctor one day. She is very inquisitive kid and a good football player. She does not know the meaning of defeat and ready to work relentlessly.

Positive areas : Focused for her goals

Needs improvement in language skills and public speaking