Explorer Academy in Covid-19

Features in Covid-19


  • 18 tabs and, 11 Wi-Fi modems were distributed to the students of Explorer Academy.
  • 70% of the students in EA received a data recharge pack for 4G connectivity.
  • Special online sessions being conducted and one-to-one mentors were appointed for counseling and follow-up with the students.
  • In Covid-19, to support the regular studies of the senior class students, a hostel facility was started in May 2020 which is supporting 14 students ( both girls and boys).
  • Online classes were supported by the personal interaction, Divya Prakash made him available to counsel and support the students.
  • Online Chess coaching 5 students continued the online classes and secured places in the top 10.
  • Online Reasoning classes continued twice in a week for class 5th and class 6th.
  • Online Classical Dance Classes started in Aug 2020, for 7 students.
  • The class attendance was 80% in the online sessions.
  • Online vocational training for Photoshop continued for 3 students.
  • Gartner employee engagement for active volunteering attracted many employees to conduct an online employee engagement session with the students at Explorer Academy.

Diwali celebrations at the DoaR hostel.

Diwali Celebrations 2020


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Online classes at Explorer Academy got media attention. It Featured in The Better India.

DoaR in News



Online classes by the volunteers.