Are you managing CSR

Corporate to volunteer with Donate an Hour

This place is for you if you are a Corporate Social Responsibility manager, team manager or owner of the business as your motto would be to engage company’s talent towards a productive culture of success that means sharing the best that you have- time and knowledge. Donate an Hour’s motto is also the same- “share your time and knowledge to shape lives”.

Educational Programs

Engagement  with children is not an exact science. Come at one of the learning centres of DoaR India, alternatively children can visit your organisation.

The workshop with children is not just another activity. Each such interactions provide a deep message to the participants about giving the respect to the facilities and the advantages that we get and don’t appreciate.

The following activities can be arranged with the children at DoaR India.

  1. Educational tour- office tour, monuments tour etc.
  2. Art and craft workshop
  3. Music and dance session
  4. Special presentations on theories of science
  5. Events and celebrations ( National and international festivals)

Health Programs

We arrange workshops and health awareness drives where employees can join us to arrange such workshops with us for the community. Employees would have required to study and prepare presentations where we can help them which will eventually be presented to the community and it will help the community to create an awareness about the health related issues.

  1. Health awareness drives
  2. Health camps