It's Hard being Human

Why Donate Time

We can not live in an isolation because society affects every aspect of life.When we work for society, society works for us. 80% of our life directly affected by the people who surround us which includes all section of society so our growth hugely depends upon them and eventually country’s growth depends upon the cumulative growth of all section of society, that’s the reason we ask you to Donate Time and change lives.

Join us 

to create a self sustainable ecosystem

 for growth of underprivileged 

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Latest Events

Annual Meet 2018

Every year Doarians come together to review the progress of DoaR. DoaR Completed 3rd year in Feb 2018 for which we oragnised a get together on 22 July along with …

Summer Camp 2018

This summer, team of sector 5, Gurgaon organised a summer camp where 30 students participated and learned many things in a month long camp. Starting from yoga, a session on …

Friday session on Vedic Maths

DoaR Gurukul is the newest and ambitious project started by Team Doante an Hour. Gurukul is focused to enable activity based learning to the bright kids selected from the community …